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Apply for Medicare

How to Apply for Medicare?

If you are eligible for medicare and are not enrolled automatically then you need to manually sign up during the initial enrollment period which begins 3 months before your 65th birthday. You can apply for Medicare in a few different ways; in-person, over the phone, or online.

Applying In Person

  • Although this method may take the most time out of your day it actually can be the fastest way to get your application processed. All you have to do is search for the nearest Social Security office via the Social Security website once you are about to turn 65.
  • Upon completion of your Medicare application make sure to ask for a print out confirming your application. These documents are handy to have when applying for a Medigap or Part D Drug Plan when working with one of our specialists.

Applying Over the Phone

It is always nice to have someone to talk you through this process. If this is your preferred method then all you have to do is call Social Security at 1-800-772-1213 and tell them you would like to apply for Medicare. Although phone calls are typically quick, this process may take some time. Social Security could request you mail in personal documents which can delay the process.

Applying Online

This is the easiest way to apply for Medicare. All you need to do is visit the Social Security website and follow the links on how to apply for Medicare.

When to Apply for Medicare

You should apply to Medicare during the initial enrollment period . This is a 7 month period, 3 months before your birthday month, your 65 birthday month, and the 3 months following. You can also apply for Medicare before you turn 65 if you are eligible. For more information about enrolling in Medicare read this article all about the enrollment process or contact an agent today.

Applying for Medicare as Primary Coverage

If you are using Medicare as your primary it is highly recommended that you enroll as soon as you are eligible. For most people this will be during the 7 month window of the initial enrollment period. Applying for Medicare as early as possible is best because it ensures that you are covered if anything were to happen. Choose one of the methods mentioned above to apply for Medicare and apply right when you are eligible, or have a member of our team assist with this step.

Applying for Medicare with Employer Coverage

Already have health coverage through your employer? That's great! You can defer Part B coverage until you either retire or your benefits stop being covered through your employer. Normally there is a late enrollment penalty for individuals who fail to sign up during the Initial Enrollment Period but that penalty is waived if you delay coverage. When combining two different coverages, things can get a little confusing. Work with an experienced agent in our office who has dealt with this situation many times to ensure you are getting the right coverage you need.

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