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Medical Travel Insurance

What is Medical Travel Insurance?

Medical Travel Insurance is an insurance policy that covers emergency healthcare costs while traveling or vacationing in a foreign country. Travel with the peace of mind knowing that your medical expenses are covered in case of a medical emergency. If you only travel once a year or are a frequent traveler you can benefit from a Medical Travel Insurance Plan.

How is Medical Travel Insurance different from Domestic Health Coverage?

Medical Travel Insurance is strictly meant for emergencies while domestic health coverage typically covers routine check ups as well as emergencies. Medical Travel Insurance does not cover any pre-existing injuries or illnesses. Only illnesses or injuries contracted as a direct result from traveling abroad are covered through a Medical Travel Insurance Policy.

Different Types of Policies

Single-Trip Plan

This plan provides coverage for the duration of a single abroad trip at the destinations you specify.

Multi-Trip Plan

A Multi-trip Plan covers multiple international trips that you specify throughout a year period.

Group Plan

This coverage insures a group of people under one policy at a discounted rate during your international travels.

Long-Term Plan

Long Term policies are available for travelers depending on their length of travel

Student Plan

Students traveling abroad can purchase medical travel insurance to cover all of their medical needs in case of an emergency.

Comprehensive Travel Medical Insurance
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Comprehensive Travel Medical Insurance including Covid-19 coverage and Trip Cancelation
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