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Medicare Concierge Services

Turning 65 has got you excited, but you're not sure exactly what to do next!

You've seen the advertisement from AARP and know something is waiting for you. Do I need to enroll right away? How am I supposed to be able to understand this process that I have never gone through before?

A Medicare Concierge can walk you through the Medicare process step by step, making sure you completely understand what you will be signing up for. Every person is different, the same goes for peoples' Medicare policies. Since there are so many policies out there it can get a bit confusing and a little overwhelming at times.

You may be questioning

  • What is Medicare, is it Medicaid or a government program for poor people?
  • Who pays for this or did I already pay for it through payroll taxes all these years?
  • Do I call the Social security office to enroll in Medicare and start receiving a social security check?

There are lots of questions that will make your head spin.
Knowing the answers to these questions is what we do.

What is a Medicare Concierge?

  • Education - helping you understand each policy and how they benefit you.
  • Enrollment - We stand right by your side during the enrollment process, from start to finish!
  • Comprehensive support through your retirement years
  • One stop contact for all your lifestyle needs and you transition from employee to adventurer, living life on your schedule.
  • Helping to prepare you for those Golden Years, independently at home with your spouse or assisted nursing in the later years of life.

You don't have time to figure all this out on your own.

One of our Medicare Concierge Specialists will work directly with you to educate and handle your entry into Medicare. Together you will have a personal guide, that one on one relationship, someone with the right tools to make sure you find the right combination of Medical and prescription drug coverage best suited to your lifestyle and budget that will last a lifetime and withstand the most critical of care and medically necessary challenges.

  • Needing maximum flexibility to see the physician of your choice, or low copay for your daily maintenance drugs is your highest priority.
  • Knowing how to pay for that Home Care if a serious illness requires special medical needs, keeping you home with your loved ones while recovering.

Best of all, without leaving your home or work office our specially trained Care Specialists we will have you enrolled in medicare. Allowing you to enjoy the early days of your retirement knowing you are medically covered. So, avoid the trip to the Social Security office with long lines and the 30 minute waiting periods to speak to a representative over the phone, speak with our Care Specialists immediately. Plus you'll love the new online systems, designed for the 21st century. Now, with our updated secure online tools you can access all the systems to properly manage your new coverage.

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